Behind the Pages: Conversation with Marilyn Gist, PhD

Join us on February 24th at 12pm PST for a conversation between Dr. Julie Pham and Marilyn Gist, PhD, author of The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility. Marilyn has taught leadership to over 2,100 managers in executive classes at universities and in consulting, and has worked directly with more than 200 C-suite leaders. She has heard their greatest challenges and finest practices. Marilyn is an expert at bringing the best of science to advise and develop them. Google Scholar ranks her #1 at her university with over 15,000 citations of her published work. She also designed and led a robust study on what predicts leadership advancement in organizations. This confirmed that different competencies are needed by men and women to attain senior leadership. Behind the Pages with Dr. Julie Pham is a CuriosityBased series, where Dr. Pham engages in dialogue with a diverse range of leadership authors, many of whom are featured in our book list series! Most of the top-ranked leadership and management books are written by white men. Of Amazon’s top 100 recommended books on leadership, only 12 were written by a woman or person of color. Only 18% of business books are written by women. Society is demanding a change in representation, yet the leadership playbooks haven’t kept up. Join us with Behind the Pages to expand the leadership narrative!



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